If you are looking for 5 star luxury then look no further!
Starting from € 200,000!! If you want luxury then buy Italian!! When only the best will do!!
If you would like further details of this mazing New Brand please feel free to email me david@clubsail.com
Or contact me on my mobile below, this is the kind of Yacht to either impress your friends or an amazing Design for Luxury 5 star Clientelle!!
Perhaps why not consider placing this Yacht into Yacht Management which can mean that your Yacht is managed by a Professional Yacht Company. There are of course Tax advantages of placing a Yacht into management while earning an income for you to offset some of the running costs of owning a Yacht in management!
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Buying a Sailing Yacht, or just bought one? 
Consider Charter Yacht Management with Club Sail Tenerife!

Club Sail Tenerife is currently looking for a suitable new 36 - 38ft Sailing Yacht
Sailing Yachts (>40 ft/>12m)


Say Hello to the New Revolutio 39 from Canelli Yachts!!




Tax Advantages!
There can be Tax  Advantages to providing a yacht for commercial use, especially to a place such as Tenerife which is outside of Europe for the purposes of taxation. You can purchase the vessel excluding VAT if it is to be used commercially and in some cases you may be able to re-claim VAT on a recently purchased vessel.  You should consult your  local Tax Authority for up-to-date information.  It is a general rule that you must pay VAT somewhere, so when importing a foreign flagged vessel into the Canaries you will need to pay VAT but at a much lower amount than say UK or Germany. There are also special rules allowing importation completely tax free as long as certain conditions are met.  You may also be able to offset the purchase and ongoing costs of owning a commercial vessel against other income.  You should take advice from your Tax Consultant about this.
If you would like more information, then please send me further details of your Sailing or Power Yacht.